College of Engineering

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The acquisition of a basic knowledge concerning Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Location :1009, Engineering-Hall (Choongmu-Gwan)

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  • Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    The Faculty of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering offers accredited undergraduate programs in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Resaerch activities are concentrated in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, dynamics and control, heat transfer, solid mechanics and composite materials, space technology and so on. Some of the emerging areas of concentration include micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) and avionics. By stressing engineering fundamentals, The Faculty of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering seeks to educate the very best students for future positions of creativity are fostered among undergraduate students through participation in research, design and other project opportunities.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Introduction

    Student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering learn the fundamentals of energy use and conversion as well as designing and manufacturing all types of engine machinery. The field of Mechanical Engineering cover not also Electronics, Factory Automation, CAD/CAM, Robotics, and Mechatronics. Mechanics of all machinery, such as small part s of automobiles, refrigerators, power plants, ships, and airplanes, are discussed in the department.

    Students learn basic mechanics and conduct experiments using new instruments before they work for modern societies in several areas. Elementary and more advanced courses are provided in the department. Students are trained to learn the basic aspects of mechanics, including dynamics, thermodynamics, solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and machinery design. In the more advanced level, they study environmental thermodynamics, production automation, CAD/CAM, robotics, combustion, automobile mechanics, computational fluid mechanics, and mechatronics related to the fluid power control.