Important Notes for Applicants

  • 1. Applicants will take full responsibility for any disadvantages due to mistakes or omissions on the application. Please be reminded that, in principle, any modification or cancellation will not be accepted after completing the application.

  • 2. Be sure to make and keep photocopies of all completed forms. Any and all documents and materials submitted with the application become the property of SU and will not be returned to the applicant. The application fee is non-refundable.

  • 3. A detailed account of any individual admissions decision will not be disclosed

  • 4. If any of the submitted materials contains false information, admission will be rescinded.

  • 5. If an applicant fails to graduate as scheduled, the admission for the applicant will be automatically cancelled.

  • 6. An applicant who is admitted to two or more departments will be required to choose one over the other before registration.

  • 7. Be sure to understand that the University issues only the Certificate of Admissions for student visa (Type: D2) application for the admitted students.

  • 8. If an applicant applies from outside Korea and is admitted to the University but his/her application for a D-2 student visa is rejected by the Justice Ministry, the admission for the applicant will be cancelled.

  • 9. Admitted students may not defer enrollment to a later semester. Students who wish to defer enrollment must re-apply.