The below is rough information and you should ask for detailed information at the time of application to a coordinator of your home university.

Procedure and Timeline

  Procedure Spring Semester Fall Semester
Before Arrival 1. Check eligibility and get nominated by home university    
2. Complete online application Mid October Mid April
3. Receive Certificate of Admission December June
4. Apply for a student visa Right after Step 3
5. Pick up visa    
6. Book plane ticket    
7. Receive course list and send course selection Late January Late July
  8. Arrive in South Korea Late February Late August
After Arrival 9. Pay the dormitory fee and move into your room Upon arrival
10. Participate in orientation Late February Late August
11. Semester starts March 2 September 1
12. Add/Drop courses 1st week of the semester

Course Selection

- List of courses is provided via e-mail to selected students.

- Course selection is on a first come, first served basis and space for each course is limited.

- Courses offered in Korean are recommended to students of TOPIK level 3 or higher.


- On-campus accommodation can be provided to all inbound exchange students upon request.

- Students will be asked to make payment upon arrival. Therefore, it is recommended that they know exact amount to pay and carry cash from your home country. On-Campus bank will accept major currencies (KRW, USD, CNY, JPY, EUR).

Credit Transfer

- Academic credits earned through this program can be transferred under the exchange regulations and used to satisfy degree requirements at your home institutions. Students must check with their home institution regarding the credit acceptability of chosen courses. For each student who has completed his/her courses successfully, a certified transcript of academic performance will be sent to the student’s home institution upon request.

Contact Information

Telephone +82-2-3408-3659
Address Office of International Affairs, Sejong University,
209 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea(05006)