University Press


University Press promotes the speech and sound of the university which contributes to the founding philosophy and realization of educational ideas. Also, University Press is managed to make place for journalism education and promotion of communication among university’s members. University Press consists of the office of school newspaper, the office of English newspaper, and broadcasting station.

The Office of School Newspaper

The office of university Newspaper realizes the school spirit through publication of the university Newspaper and promotes the school community’s unbiased views. To boost the academic traditions with activating academic and learning activities, The office of university Newspaper was established in 1957 with the publication of Soodo Womens’ College of Education’s school newspaper. The office of university Newspaper consists of managing editor and four departments (department of university, local, culture, and photo). The department of university reports news on/off campus and department of local reports a topical case on/off campus Also, the department of culture reports changing culture quickly. The Sejong university Newspaper with continuous progress has been published 8 pages as a number of student reporters attempt to be the earnest eyes and ears of Sejong students.

The Office of English Newspaper called "Sejong Times"

The english newspaper was published under the name of "Soodo Herald" in 1968, yet it has changed its name to "The Sejong Times" and has been published quarterly with approximately 48 pages. The office of English newspaper consists of four departments (department of university, local, culture, and science). As the importance of English language is emphasized in competitiveness of the global age, the English newspaper makes students feel a sense of friendliness towards English, forms a consensus within the school towards the necessity of English learning, and offers assistance to communicate with foreign students.

Broadcasting Station

Sejong Kunja Broadcasting Station (SKBS) is a broadcasting organization within the school. It promotes sincerity as a university press, and students’ emotional cultivation under the broadcasting station’s motto which are "faithfulness, correctness, and belief." Since the establishment of SKBS in 1957, it has communicated with fellow students through regular and special broadcasts from Monday to Friday, three times a day. SKBS consists of 4 departments (department of engineering, the press, announcers, and production). The department of engineering handles broadcasting equipment and the department of the press investigates and formulates the problems from public opinion. Also, the department of announcers approaches fellow students with their voices as a final communicator. Lastly, the department of production plans and runs all sorts of educational programs.

SKBS produces various programs such as educational, cultural, news, and entertainment programs. SKBS strives to become closer with fellow students on the opened stage such as a welcome party for the freshmen, open sound festival, and Gunja film festival.