Students have an opportunity to study abroad for one semester or one academic year at one of our partner universities all over the world. The credits taken abroad can be transferred to Sejong University upon completion of the program.

※ The below is rough information and you should check detailed information in the brochure of each semester, which will be provided in the International bulletin board.

1. Regular Semester Program (Spring & Fall Semester)

Program Types

Exchange Student Visiting Student Dual Degree
General Regional Expert Global Excellence Scholarship Program
Tuition to home
To be paid 50% Scholarship is provided Exempt 70% Scholarship is provided 70% Scholarship is provided
Tuition to partner
Exempt Exempt Exempt To be paid To be paid
Tuition to partner
Exempt Exempt Exempt To be paid To be paid
Living allowance KRW 2 million is provided
Others Transfer to 3rd year of the partner school to earn a degree from both universities


Spring Semester Fall Semester
Information Session March September
Application May November
Interview June December
Announcement on candidates Late July Late January
Orientation Late August Late February


1. Any Sejong University students including those who currently in the first semester

※ For transfer students – you can apply for this program although it is your first semester at Sejong University.

※ You can still apply even if you are on a leave of absence at the point of application. However, you must be an enrolled student for the participating semester.

※ You must complete the last semester (immediate before graduation) at Sejong University.

2. Students whose GPA (including the current semester at the time of application) is 3.0/4.5 or higher (in case of applying for university in Asian countries, 2.5/4.5 is acceptable.)

3. Students who meet the language requirement of each university (TOEIC minimum score is mostly 700 for European universities and 600 for Asian universities. Please check the exact requirement of each university.)

4. Students with no record of being disciplined under the university rules.

5. Students who have not disqualifying reasons for overseas travel (including visa issuance) and who have a passport at the time of interview.

6. Students who apply to a school in Japan must participate in the Japanese language classes offered at Sejong University and also reach a certain level of Japanese language ability.

Credit Recognition

1. A minimum 6 credits & a maximum 18 credits

2. All overseas exchange credits will be recognized as P/N (except for the dual-degree program).

3. The head professor of the student’s department will review the course syllabus, etc. and give approval for credits for major courses (either required or elective) up to 18 credits. Others will be recognized as credits for liberal art courses.

2. Short-term Program (Summer & Winter Semester)

Students can also choose to spend their vacation abroad while studying their major or language at our partner universities. This program has advantages of taking credits for a short time (4~8 weeks), receiving scholarship and having cultural experience as well as language study. Thus this program is recommended to those who have difficulties in participating in regular exchange program due to language proficiency or personal reasons.

Program Types

Short-term Language Program Intensive Language Program
Features Additional points will be provided when applying for the same university to the
language institute
Summer/Winter course+ Short-term language program
Countries U.S.A Malaysia, China
Eligibilities Students currently enrolled in the 1st to 7th semester Students currently enrolled in the 1st to 5th
Credit Recognition 6 credits for summer/winter semester & up to 24 credits throughout 4 year study period
Scholarship Scholarship will be deducted from the tuition of following regular semester.
KRW 1.5/2 million Program fees are waived.


- Summer Semester: Mid-April

- Winter Semester: Mid-October

3. Contact

Community for Outbound Students

Come to this community to view previous participants’ reports, review, etc. Please provide your real name and student ID number to join the community.

Community for Inbound International Students

Become a buddy to international (exchange) students studying at Sejong and get various information on events and notices.

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