Student Association


The student association collects various understanding and demands of students through student government activity to solve different kinds of pending issues within the school while developing autonomous capacity and directive capacity. There are various independent organizations at Sejong University such as the student association which is a representative of the entire student body, student associations of each college, student associations of each department, club activity associations, reserve forces association, and speech and publication association. A number of students are participating in diverse events such as spring / fall festivals, voluntary services for rural communities during semester and vacation to create a place for participation.

Spring Festival (Dae Dong Je)

In May, freshmen try to become mature undergraduate from newly graduated high school students.

The fourth week of May, there is a magnificent party to celebrate the school anniversary. This festival is called the Spring Festival (Dae Dong Je). Various programs are centered on the student association for all students, club associations, and student associations of each department. Sejong University is filled with excitement during this festival where students celebrate with great pleasure. Recent festivals are centered on cultural programs (club activities, film festivals, exhibitions, etc.) with distinct features of each department. Students try to make more fruitful events by showing their unique characteristics and talents.

Fall Festival

The campus of Sejong University becomes more ablaze as the fall foliage because there is another festival of young passionate undergraduates.

The Fall Festival could be reinterpreted as a festival which brings fruition to the year. Such a cultural festival of power and beauty consists of various cultural events and sports festivals of each department. Also, the entire campus is filled with rapturous volume, pleasure, and happiness.